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21 March 2023

• The Baldivis Square Pharmacy has been campaigning since 2018 to be issued with a Medicare Provider Number so that they could charge Medicare card, concession card and Repat card holders the subsidised rates for PBS listed medications.

• Local residents, including those with limited mobility, were having to travel further to receive the medications they need at PBS prices.

• Reece Whitby MLA welcomes the news that the Albanese Federal Labor Government has recently issued the Baldivis Square Pharmacy with a Medicare Provider Number.


Baldivis MLA Reece Whitby has welcomed a decision to allow the Baldivis Square Pharmacy to be issued with a Medicare Provider Number which will enable the pharmacy to supply PBS listed medicines at a subsidised rate to local Medicare, concession and Repat card holders.

This is the culmination of a 5-year campaign by the owners, Nimesh and Andrea together with Reece Whitby MLA and Madeleine King MP for the Baldivis Square Pharmacy to be granted the ability to supply subsidised medication to members of the local community.

The application was previously rejected by the former Federal Liberal Government.

However, due to a change in local circumstances, which included new developments in the area, another application was submitted to the new Albanese Federal Labor Government.

'We had a strong community need and strong support for Baldivis Square Pharmacy to be PBS Approved. We were fortunate Reece Whitby MLA and Madeleine King MP had the interests of the community at heart and campaigned together with the pharmacy to achieve this great outcome.' – Owner of Baldivis Square Pharmacy, Nimesh Adatia.

Comments attributed to Reece Whitby MLA

‘This is a terrific result for the local community as the new arrangements will allow Baldivis Square Pharmacy to sell cheaper medications to those who need it most.’

‘The residents and local businesses around Baldivis Square have raised their concerns with me regarding the lack of pharmacies in their area that can sell subsidised medications and this news will be very pleasing to them’

‘Concession card holders will benefit enormously from this decision as their accessibility to the medications they need, both in terms of cost and travel, will be greatly increased by having a pharmacy with a Medicare Provider Number nearby.

‘I am looking forward to watching the Baldivis Square Pharmacy continue to serve our community long into the future.’

Contact: 9523 2921, Office of Reece Whitby MLA