Transition dates revealed for Stage 2 of WA’s Plan for Plastics

03 February 2023

The countdown is on for Stage 2 of Western Australia's nation-leading Plan for Plastics with a further nine single-use plastic items to be phased out from 27 February.


Items targeted in Stage 2 include non-compostable plastic takeaway coffee cups,

plastic produce bags, cotton buds with plastic stems, expanded polystyrene packaging, expanded polystyrene cups, microbeads, degradable plastics, unlidded trays as well as lids for takeaway bowls, plates, cups, trays and containers, excluding pre-packaged food such as sandwiches and sushi.


From 27 February, transition periods ranging from six to 28 months will begin to allow businesses to use up supplies and source alternative products before the bans are enforced. The enforcement dates will range from 1 September, 2023 and 1 July, 2025.


Stage 1 of Plan for Plastics saves 430 million single-use plastics from landfill or litter in WA each year. Stage 2 will save an additional 700 million items annually.  


Extensive consultation on Stage 2 was undertaken last year to gather community, Government and industry feedback. This feedback was overwhelmingly supportive with many businesses already using environmentally friendly alternatives.


More than 9,000 retailers, suppliers and community groups received support during Stage 1 through the National Retail Association. The Boomerang Alliance, in partnership with the State Government, is helping the hospitality industry adapt over three years through the WA Plastic Free Places program. Similar support programs will be available for Stage 2.


The State Government will continue to use a common-sense, education-first approach to enforce the bans. Retailers and suppliers not making any plans or effort to transition and deliberately continuing to supply banned items could face fines up to $5,000 for an individual or up to $25,000 for a body corporate.


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Comments attributed to Environment Minister Reece Whitby:


"We can be proud our State continues to lead the way in tackling single-use plastics. Western Australians have truly embraced our Plan for Plastics, and this is another positive step in reducing our impact on the environment.


"I want to commend businesses, retailers, suppliers and the community for their collective efforts to make Stage 1 such a success. Many have already made the switch to environmentally friendly alternatives and are leading the way in this next transition.


"We have undertaken extensive consultation with the community and industry, and we know this next stage is what Western Australians want in our journey to a single-use plastic free future."


Minister's office - 6552 6300


Single-use Plastic Item Transition Period Enforcement Date
Microbeads 6 months 1 September 2023
Expanded polystyrene cups 6 months 1 September 2023
Cotton buds with plastic stems 6 months 1 September 2023
Degradable plastics designed to break up into fragments 6 months 1 September 2023
Non-compostable takeaway coffee cups 12 months 1 March 2024
Produce bags 12 months 1 March 2024
Unlidded trays 12 months 1 March 2024

Lids for takeaway cups

Lids for takeaway bowls, plates, trays and containers, excluding pre-packaged food such as sandwiches and sushi

12 months

18 months

1 March 2024

1 September 2024

Loose-fill expanded polystyrene packaging

Moulded expanded polystyrene packaging

6 months

28 months

1 September 2023

1 July 2025